October 13 2015

No RodentRodent Control Services:

Insect, rodent, and wildlife pests are more than an annoyance; they can damage structures, harm our environments, transmit disease, and cause other health hazards. Rodents are one of the main causes for serious damage to your health by contaminating food and spreading various diseases.

Sterling’s advanced rodent control system protects your home and your family with our proactive and preventive service – Rodent Control. It is developed to tackle the problem of rodents in buildings such as residential, commercial, malls, hospitals, airports, schools, prayer grounds & buildings, pharmaceutical industry, food establishments and other vulnerable areas in a successful manner. We also provide area wide or community wide rodent control services.

Service Offered

  • Of only common areas in buildings, car parking lots, exteriors of the buildings, gardens, compounds and sundries
  • Annual Contract with a special package of treatment at regular intervals