Terms& Instruction

  1. » Please switch off all Sui Gas lines before Fumigation.
  2. » Do not smoke and do not use fire during Fumigation.
  3. » Do not eat anything, do not talk and laugh during Fumigation.
  4. » Do not touch any chemical during Fumigation.
  5. » Please carefully seal/pack all eatable stuff in plastic bags before Fumigation e.g. Flour, rice, Ghee, tea, milk, meat, medicine. etc.
  6. » You have to pack/move Children, Clothes, Toys, Cosmetic items and other eatable stuff.
  7. » You have to transfer the people who have Ulcer, Asthma, Cough, Pregnant women for 30 hours.
  8. » Kept away the children and elder who have younger than 10 years and older than 50 years.
  9. » Please do not enter into Fumigation Please for 24 hours after Fumigation.
  10. » After 24 hours complete open all Doors, Windows, Fans, and Skylight.
  11. » You have to identify built underground wiring and Lines.